WoLIE Women in the Lift Industry in Europe - INITIATIVE

The WoLIE Initiative assembles all females working in the lift industry in Europe and beyond, especially in the technical field or as managers. As they are so few, WoLIE gives them a protected space to exchange information and ideas with other females in the business. This will help to share the joy of a new job or a promotion, but also the sometimes frustrating experiences with family, friends and the company as an „Exotic Flower“.

WoLIE welcomes also males who want to support females in the lift industry. The same applies to companies looking for example for more female personnel or institutions supporting diversity or gender issues.

The third aim of WoLIE is to make the lift industry aware that there are so few women working in this field and that there still are prejudices as well as assets and drawbacks from all persons involved. Public and personal information and advice will help to overcome the actual suboptimal situation.

The working language will be English, but national languages like German or French or Italian will be accepted for example in national groups.